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"The Next American Economy: Blueprint For a Real Recovery"

The Next American Economy, by William J. HolsteinRead the book that former President Bill Clinton calls "excellent." He also issued a formal endorsement, saying: "William J. Holstein’s 'The Next American Economy: Blueprint for a Real Recovery' is an essential roadmap for America’s renewal and an insightful reckoning of the global challenges ahead."
The Obama Administration also seems to be taking cues from the book. My book is not a silver-bullet solution to all that ails the economy, but Americans need to face up to our structural competitive challenges, rather than waiting for things to simply "bounce back to normal." That is never going to happen.

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The New York Times Muffles "Globalization"

I know everyone is suffering brain fatigue talking about big concepts like globalization, but I was struck by how Eduardo Porter of the Times just didn't get it right in a commentary this week. So I have poured it in below and annotated it IN ALL CAPS....


Globalization Is in Retreat? Not So Fast


The University of California Gets Into The VC Business

This is very interesting but also potentially problematic. It's interesting and positive because the funding that allows ideas to be spun out of research labs at universities is in perilously short supply. The absence of seed stage capital is holding back a lot of great ideas. The potential problems are in how the university manages this $250 million fund. The article says the fund will be managed by an independent team of experienced investors. That formula sounds right. But the temptation for the university to influence the management team to support certain professors will be great.

Incredibly Important Report from Brookings

These guys in the Metropolitan Studies program at the Brookings Institute are soul mates of mine. In this report, they zero in on how the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) labs, which are enormous repositories of cutting-edge technologies, should be engaging more deeply with the regional economies around them. 

Here’s the report: http://www.brookings.edu/research/reports/2014/09/10-national-labs-andes-muro-stepp

GM and The Rest of The Industry Won't Be Far Behind Toyota


GM Expects to Offer Hands-Free Driving by 2016

Automated Steering System, Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Would Seek to Reduce Crashes

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