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"The Next American Economy: Blueprint For a Real Recovery"

The Next American Economy, by William J. HolsteinRead the book that former President Bill Clinton calls "excellent." He also issued a formal endorsement, saying: "William J. Holstein’s 'The Next American Economy: Blueprint for a Real Recovery' is an essential roadmap for America’s renewal and an insightful reckoning of the global challenges ahead."
The Obama Administration also seems to be taking cues from the book. My book is not a silver-bullet solution to all that ails the economy, but Americans need to face up to our structural competitive challenges, rather than waiting for things to simply "bounce back to normal." That is never going to happen.

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Automotive News Quotes Me Again on GM

Poised Barra carries GM's image on her shoulders

than one expert observer of Tuesday's congressional examination noted
that GM CEO Mary Barra received a more congenial interrogation than
either of the Toyota executives who were called to Capitol Hill in 2010
over safety issues.

A Very Important New Study on the Risks of Offshoring

Defense Science Board: Offshoring Of U.S. Manufacturing Has Created National Security Vulnerabilities


By Richard A. McCormack


For the first time perhaps ever, a U.S.-government report has stated
that the shift of American manufacturing overseas is causing a decline
in Americans' standard of living.

The Reason Paul Krugman's Article Is So Stupid

I've been writing about this subject for years. In "The Next American Economy," I wrote about how the creation of new industries is creating demands for entirely new sorts of workers. San Diego is enjoying a boom in genomics, for example, but finding people to interpret the results of what genetic testing machines find is so difficiult that employers are literally flying people in from China and India. There are not enough Americans who are "bioinformaticists."

The Most Ignorant Article Paul Krugman Has Ever Written

Jobs and Skills and Zombies

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