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The Face of Japan Today (Video)

The vast majority of Americans think Japan is fading into the sunset. Its population is declining, its economy is not growing much or at all and it has been eclipsed by China. I’ve argued for decades that that line of analysis is overstated. Japan is one of the world’s most advanced societies and maintains a […]

Read full article ">Colombia: The Next Phase of Exploitation, Or Is It Development?

See Rita’s great pictures at: CARTAGENA–One of the reasons I wanted to come to Cartagena is that I have never been to the continent of South America. I’ve been to the other five inhabited continents, but not this one. So on my personal bucket list, getting to all six inhabited continents accomplishes a life […]

Read full article ">Portugal, May 2014

For Rita’s great pictures of Portugal, try this link:   Lisbon is a smashingly beautiful city, situated on hills overlooking a bay that feeds out to the Atlantic Ocean. It is often compared to San Francisco because of all the hills and little funiculars will take you up many of the hills for 3.20 […]

Read full article ">Puerto Rico: America’s Greece

I’ve just come back from a few days in Puerto Rico. Somehow I always find myself in the middle of stories. This one is about Puerto Rico’s financial and economic crisis that is in the headlines. The island, a territory of the United States, owes more than it can pay back to financial markets. Standard […]
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