Chief Executive Article “Cybersecurity: Getting Serious About Safeguards”

as seen in Chief Executive Magazine | January 28, 2016

Attacks on large companies make headlines, but smaller companies, too, suffer cyberattacks. Here’s how to protect your business.

Chuck Provini knows he has a bright red bulls-eye painted on his back. As CEO of startup Natcore Technology, he hopes to develop technologies that will render the use of silicon crystals to make solar energy panels obsolete. Provini’s Rochester, New York-based company, which works with U.S. Department of Energy research labs, among others, to develop new technologies, represents a threat to China’s solar energy industry.

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Major Disconnect on China in The Wall Street Journal

I had a bit of a neck wrench the other morning when reading my Wall Street Journal. On the op ed page, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, wrote a piece arguing that China is undergoing “structural reform.” He wrote: “To sustain growth, China is implementing structural reforms that place greater emphasis on […]…

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The Evidence Mounts: China’s Xi Jinping is turning himself into another strongman

The fact that President Xi Jinping is establishing rigorous centralized control over so many different aspects of Chinese life and politics, as per this latest article in the New York Times, is very significant. This is a return to the sort of China that most Americans have never witnessed and can scarcely understand. I caught the tail-end […]…

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The Deep Struggle in China

Most of the commentary these days on China does not seem to grasp the depth of what is happening there politically. Having spent time on the ground there and speaking to dozens of Chinese about what happened during the Cultural Revolution, I have some sense that truly major things can happen in China and they […]…

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