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Things I have observed in my world travels.

Japan, October 2013

I love flying the polar route to East Asia. On this flight to Japan, it was mostly cloudy but it cleared up over what I believe was Siberia and/or the Kamchatka Peninsula. There were endless white mountains and no signs of roads, villages or any form of human habitation. Completely desolate. It cleared up again […]

Read full article ">Holland: Reflections on the Dutch Model, and Why Some Smaller Cultures Do So Well

Amsterdam is clearly one of the great cities of the world, and Holland one of the most successful countries. With only 16 million people, two-thirds of the country would be underwater were it not for the system of dams and pumping stations. The Dutch obviously have to cooperate with each other to survive. Reflecting that […]

Read full article ">Paris, September 2011

It’s interesting to take the TGV south from Amsterdam. You’re aware that you’re in Holland as you pass through Rotterdam, but the next step is Antwerp, which is in Belgium. There are no signs saying “Welcome to Belgium,” not even when the train passes through Brussels. There is no need to check passports or change […]

Read full article ">Man Bites Dog: What the Europeans Can Teach Us

It’s pretty darn near universal Conventional Wisdom in the United States that the Europeans are finished in many ways: they don’t have fast economic growth, they have overly intrusive governments and they’re stuck in the past. Some of that may be true, and I’ve certainly been arguing for years that Japan and China are more […]


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