President Clinton mentions TNAE Case Studies

I’ve been speaking with folks from the Clinton Global Initiative because former president Bill Clinton told them to reach out to me. I don’t know where those discussions will lead, but it’s clear that Clinton himself has digested the message of my book.

On ABC television on Sunday morning, he ticked off several of my case studies. He mentioned that San Diego is the scene of a major biotech industry and has more Nobel Prize winners living there than any other city in the world. He mentioned that Pittsburgh is morphing from the steel industry to nanotechnology. He mentioned Cleveland (without going into detail) and he mentioned that technology is coming out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, revitalizing Boston’s Route 129 tech corridor. It was like he was reading from my book.

He made a very deep point–the “politics of conflict,” now being practiced in Washington, do not result in wealth creation. It’s only when Democrats and Republicans and other institutional players–educators, business leaders, the chamber of commerce, venture capitalists, etc.–come together that things start clicking and wealth-creating ecosystems are established. It’s great that Clinton is supporting the message of “The Next American Economy.”

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