Chief Executive Article “Cybersecurity: Getting Serious About Safeguards”

as seen in Chief Executive Magazine | January 28, 2016

Attacks on large companies make headlines, but smaller companies, too, suffer cyberattacks. Here’s how to protect your business.

Chuck Provini knows he has a bright red bulls-eye painted on his back. As CEO of startup Natcore Technology, he hopes to develop technologies that will render the use of silicon crystals to make solar energy panels obsolete. Provini’s Rochester, New York-based company, which works with U.S. Department of Energy research labs, among others, to develop new technologies, represents a threat to China’s solar energy industry.

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The Real American Economic Debate

The media debate regarding the American economy continues to be dominated by the flatulence of whether the Federal Reserve should raise interest rates or not and should maintain “quantitative easing” or not. The real action is thus occurring at the state and local level, which has been one of my themes for many years. Because […]…

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