I believe the most important thing Americans must do is to secure their economic well-being in an increasingly challenging, complex world. What I have written about all these years is the process of creating wealth, not for any one individual, but for the United States as a whole. Ever since I was a young correspondent witnessing the emergence of China after the country opened in 1979, I’ve believed we have to get more serious about creating wealth. I retain faith in the resiliency of the U.S. economy and the enterprise of American people. If Americans have the right strategies, we can once again create widespread wealth. Come with me on this journey.

Trump Destroys American Position in Asia
I agree with Susan Rice, writing in today’s New York Times. In one trip, an American president has inflicted grievous damage to our nation’s position in Asia. Presidents both Democratic and Republican have been pursuing very similar paths for decades: An expansion of cross-border trade and investment has created one of history’s greatest economic expansions […]
Trump Reveals Complete Lack of Understanding of China-North Korea Ties
President Trump appeared before the South Korean National Assembly and revealed a complete lack of understanding of the dynamics between China and North Korea. “Why would China feel an obligation to help North Korea?” Trump asked rhetorically. The answer is that China’s No. 1 priority is to preserve stability on the Korean Peninsula and to […]
Free historical advice to President Trump on his Asian trip
As President Trump journeys to Asia in search of a solution to the North Korean nuclear dilemma, he might benefit from this historical insight: Americans have been trying to unravel the relationship between China and Korea for more than 100 years–and they have consistently failed to get it right. One of my prized possessions is […]
Attacking NAFTA Is The Wrong Way to Create Jobs
There’s a fundamental debate occurring about how to create jobs for Americans who have been bypassed by technological and global trends. President Trump’s approach seems to be to undo the forces of globalization and force manufacturers to bring jobs back to the United States. But the right response is to send a clear message that […]
The Dumbest Story on Trade Ever to Appear in The New York Times
It’s a good subject–“What Can Be done About the Trade Deficit–” but Eduardo Porter today offers the single lamest exploration of this subject I can recall. Ever. First of all, he uses the old canard that Japan is finished. “Hobbled by a two-decade slump, Japan is out of the picture.” I covered the trade tensions […]
Training Opportunity For Freelance Journalists
An organization called A Culture of Safety, on whose board I sit, is offering important training to any journalist who covers potentially dangerous regions–and today, that means most of the world. Here is the application form. HEFAT stands for Hostile Environments and Emergency First-Aid Training. ACOS and allied media organizations are subsidizing the costs of […]

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