I believe the most important thing Americans must do is to secure their economic well-being in an increasingly challenging, complex world. What I have written about all these years is the process of creating wealth, not for any one individual, but for the United States as a whole. Ever since I was a young correspondent witnessing the emergence of China after the country opened in 1979, I’ve believed we have to get more serious about creating wealth. I retain faith in the resiliency of the U.S. economy and the enterprise of American people. If Americans have the right strategies, we can once again create widespread wealth. Come with me on this journey.

A Ride in Toyota’s Next Generation “Intelligent” Vehicle
In downtown Detroit, Toyota offered rides in Lexus’s equipped with Automated Highway Driving Assist.   This car is equipped with three new types of driver’s assistance–dynamic (or adaptive) cruise control, lane trace control and a predictive Human-Machine Interface. The cruise control does more than today’s cruise controls because it will apply the brakes and actually […]
Zero Highway Fatalities–Why Not
4 September 2014 – 1:52pm We’ve made progress in reducing the number of highway fatalities each year in this country from about 41,000 to 32,000 in 2013. That’s positive obviously, but stop to think about it. We still have 32,000 Americans dying every year, a shocking number. Aside from more seat-belt use and tighter enforcement […]
Lenovo Goes Global
Aug. 15, 2014–This has just been posted by Strategy + Business and will appear in its print edition soon. You also can see it at China‚Äôs most recognizable brand has plans to overtake Apple and Samsung. by William J. Holstein Lenovo technicians at work All photographs courtesy of Lenovo In the beginning, it was […]
How Companies Manage to Endure
Whether a company lasts for the long term or not depends on how top executives manage it every day: From Chief Executive magazine: The Secrets of Corporate Longevity In an age when Microsoft can pile up tens of billions in cash in a little more than two decades, one might well argue that firms should […]
What To Do About U.S. Companies Fleeing America
16 July 2014 – There’s a controversy over the number of U.S. companies that are merging with foreign entities and declaring that they are no longer U.S. companies for purposes of U.S. taxation. This is an old story I have been following for four decades. I first interviewed Dow Chemical CEO Carl Gerstacker in 1974. […]
The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Larry Summers
July 8, 2014–This is one of the most influential minds in the economics profession, writing in today’s Wall Street Journal. Yet Summers, the former secretary of the Treasury and a professor at Harvard, does not accept that manufacturing has a major role to play in America’s future. He says its decline is “inexorable.” Every other […]
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