I believe the most important thing Americans must do is to secure their economic well-being in an increasingly challenging, complex world. What I have written about all these years is the process of creating wealth, not for any one individual, but for the United States as a whole. Ever since I was a young correspondent witnessing the emergence of China after the country opened in 1979, I’ve believed we have to get more serious about creating wealth. I retain faith in the resiliency of the U.S. economy and the enterprise of American people. If Americans have the right strategies, we can once again create widespread wealth. Come with me on this journey.

Has Anybody Noticed the Japanese Yen?
I haven’t read or heard one bit of commentary on the spectacular plunge in the value of the Japanese yen. It has been stable in the region of 100 yen to the dollar for years but in the space of a few short weeks, it has fallen to 120 yen, a movement of 20 percent. […]
Materials Get a Makeover
Computer modeling accelerates development of substances with special properties Researchers are using advanced modeling software to manipulate materials at the molecular level, giving them properties that enable once-unthinkable products. By accelerating the rate at which new materials are developed, simulation is reshaping the modern world. By William J. Holstein Materials are the building blocks of […]
Why Retail Sales Are Going to Continue To Disappoint
I’ve argued for years that the American economy has to restructure itself to be less dependent on consumer spending and more dependent on value-creation activities such as manufacturing. This article from today’s Wall Street Journal is the latest piece of evidence that retail spending is in a permanent, secular decline: Basic Costs Squeeze Families Health […]
The Global Economic Implications of The Bill Cosby Tragedy
Talk about link bait. Gotcha. No, seriously, I do have a point to make. I’ve seen some excellent commentary about how so many people were unwilling to accept even the possibility that Bill Cosby drugged and raped women. He was a symbol to white people that relations with Blacks could be positive. And he was […]
A Smart Take on Japan From the WS Journal
Every time there is a negative headline about Japan, the American media–particularly The New York Times–writes the entire Japanese economy off. This has been happening for decades and we’ve consistently been wrong, leading to a dramatically reduced understanding of how competitive Japanese companies really are. In the most recent case, Japan has tilted into a […]
Western media coverage of China’s economy: Part 1
A fascinating discussion about Western media coverage of China’s economy (video)
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