Memo to the CEO: Manage the Media (Don’t Let the Media Manage You)

“Holstein has a compelling message.”
Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross
Chief Reputation Strategist
Weber Shandwick

In this book, Bill argues that two major trends have completely transformed the way that chief executive officers have to think of communicating—the rise of shareholder activist coalitions, and the power of Internet-based communications. He contends that CEOs have to rethink the way they themselves and their entire organizations communicate. They need to shape both their message architecture and the playing field of ideas. To do anything less, Bill says, is to let others define their company’s future.

From Harvard Business School Press

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Multiple copies may be purchased through Jon Mueller at 800-CEO Read (jon @ Recommended by the publisher, 800-CEO Read offers many special services, including special packaging, signed copies, domestic and international shipping, and more. Orders of 1,000 copies or more may be placed with Rich Gravelin at Harvard Business Publishing (rgravelin @ or 617-783-7626). For orders of this volume, the publisher can customize the book jacket with a company’s logo and include an introduction from the company CEO or other representative at no additional charge.

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