Does Donald Trump Know? Almost Half the Cars Sold in the U.S. Were Made Somewhere Else

The Trumpster is having fun attacking Ford Motor and Toyota for plans to build plants in Mexico. But does he have any idea that almost half the cars sold in the United States were made in other countries? It would take decades to change the fundamental pattern of how the global auto industry has organized itself. Here’s what Jessica Caldwell, executive director of industry analysis for, has to say in comments distributed in connection with the Detroit auto show:

“Made in America” Policy:
“It’s not surprising that Donald Trump has set his sights on the auto industry to help draw attention to his pro-growth agenda. Even though automakers are global companies, dealers and manufacturing facilities are very much entwined in the fabric of local American communities. In 2016, just over 53 percent of vehicles sold at retail in the U.S. were manufactured here – 10.9 percent were produced in Japan, 10.5 percent in Canada and 10.1 percent in Mexico.” (EDITOR’S NOTE: SHE DOES NOT MENTION EUROPE OR SOUTH KOREA, WHICH MUST ACCOUNT FOR THE BALANCE.)
In short, it appears that Trump is reading headlines and shooting off his mouth in reaction to each one, but has no deeper understanding of how globalized the auto industry and many others have become. He owes it to himself and to the American public to learn a few things about how the world of business outside of real estate and branding really works.

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