BBC and NPR do a takeout on GM in China

And who ya gonna call? That’s right. Here it is:

Here is an exercept from the link above:

William Holstein knows all about that. He wrote the book, “Why GM Matters: Inside the Race to Transform an American Icon,” and spent time in Shanghai researching the company’s operations there. He says it’s way too early to speculate if China’s cooling economy will hurt GM’s overall profitability or lead to layoffs in the US. Holstein underscores that GM is used to operating in dozens of countries where economic fortunes routinely shift.

“They know how to roll with the punches, so to speak. Europe has been a sore spot for years. Russia has recently been disrupted and they’ve had to pull some production out of there. Brazil has hit some air pockets, some tough times,” says Holstein.

And now, GM is hitting tougher times in China. But there are ways to adjust to the changing economic conditions.

“They can make fewer cars, without having to close down any lines or fire any workers. They can slow the rate of capital investment there (in China), they’re planning to spend billions of dollars there, but they can slow down. So they have many different tools they can use for riding this out,” says Holstein.

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